Hi, I'm Andrew C. Wallace. And I like cars and stuff...

Andrew C. Wallace's Bio:

Andrew C. Wallace has been interested in cars since he came out of the womb.  He loved the sound of them so much as a kid that he immitated their noises wherever he went.  At home, in the car, at school during tests, in the middle of church sermons, it didn't matter.  Now though, he much prefers to make real noises emanate from REAL cars.

A film producer (on a low level) by day, Andrew C. Wallace slaves away at night in the garage, usually getting insanely dirty working on one of his two older cars...and sometimes working on his new-er one.  Hoping someday to transition into a career more aligned with his love of cars, Andrew has completed several short courses in Automotive Restoration at the McPherson College Restoration Institute and is also ASE-Certified in Engines and Manual Transmissions.

Andrew C. Wallace's Experience:

  • V.P. Development & Production at Wallace Entertainment

    Whatever needs to get done to get the movie made.

Andrew C. Wallace's Education:

  • Duke University

    Concentration: Economics

Andrew C. Wallace's Interests & Activities:

Classic cars, classic (oldies) music, classic films, classic TV, and modern technology.